Charlie and Sloane’s Nursery tour

The Little Franks will be six months old in a few short weeks, so I decided it was finally time to take a few photos of their nursery (translation- I finally nagged Mr. Frankel enough that he hung the mobile for me). I don’t have time to include a list of sources right now, but I’ll update this post with one very soon.

I went through several iterations when I was deciding what I wanted in the nursery (here and here).  I knew I didn’t want a theme because I change my mind so frequently when it comes to interiors. The part I found to be most challenging was not letting the nursery seem too girlish/boyish. I just wanted the room to feel whimsical and peaceful.

 I’m extremely happy with out it turned out. Christopher and I both agree that it’s our favorite room in the house. I’m tempted to put a blow-up mattress in there and start sleeping in the nursery myself!

photo 1

We love the Expedit shelf from IKEA; I think Christopher loves it for it’s price and functionality, and I for the fact that it’s high gloss.

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

I REALLY wanted star wallpaper on the ceiling, but I also REALLY wanted this chest. In the end, I had to choose. When it comes to decisions like this, I’ll always choose furniture because we probably won’t be in this house for more than another five years. Also, I recall making a certain pact with my husband to never use wallpaper after we spent hundreds of hours tearing it down in our last house. How quickly I forget!! 

photo 6

photo 10

photo 8

photo 9


I can’t wait until the Little Franks are a little older and we can start playing in here! Eventually I may replace the rocking chair with a teepee!


Hope you enjoyed a little peek into their room! We absolutely love it, and so do these two goons:



  1. Lauren Elan says

    Kelly it’s beyond beautiful and so whimsical! I love it- amazing job!!!

  2. robin k says

    Beautiful! I love the colours. Do you find you use the rocking chair for nursing? We’re expecting our first this summer, and I’ve been debating what kind of chair to get. I have a beautiful rocking chair similar to yours but I thought the narrow arms might make it a less comfy choice. The baby’s room is tiny, so I was thinking of getting just a small upholstered chair that doesn’t rock, plus an ottoman. Not sure though – maybe I can just use my rocker! It does look gorgeous :)

    • says

      Hi Robin, thank you! I don’t use the rocker for nursing. I tried, and it was awkward for me! I just read to them on it occasionally. I found the chair on craigslist for $30, so I don’t feel guilty that it doesn’t get much use.

  3. Sarah craig says

    Love the nursery, your babies are just gorgeous! Quick question, you can see a little sneak of the mens suit print in the hallway, where did you find that gem? X

  4. taryn says

    i love it! so cute! and darling babies!

    can you please share your source for the amazing rug (is it the one emily henderson recently blogged about?) and the curtains?

  5. Barret says

    So beautiful and calm…love that it’s not crammed with STUFF like a lot of baby rooms. That rug really helps pull all the details together for the best bohemian/sweet vibe – where is that from? it’s GORGEOUS.

  6. Gordon says

    Cute room. Cute kids. Cute cute cute! What kind of plant do you have in their room?

  7. Stephanie says

    Hi Kelly,

    I tried posting this question from another blog but I’ll try again here – where did you find the green fuzzy pouf above the changing table!? So cute!

  8. Meredith Williams says

    Hi! I just found your blog through IG. I love this nursery! I love the tassel on the window! Ans where is that mobile from?


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