Still pregnant!

Believe it or not I am still alive- and pregnant! We have had such a busy summer, but now that I am off of work for the rest of the year and my etsy shop is closed for a few weeks, I am enjoying being able to actually make time for things that I used to enjoy (i.e. writing something other than work emails!)

I know at the beginning of this pregnancy I had high hopes of documenting it each week with cute photos of the baby’s size in fruit/veggies and corresponding recipes. I quickly realized that was just not going to happen. My plate was way too full this summer- mostly of salads, but that’s besides the point.

So here you go, weeks 19-37 of my pregnancy (i.e. my journey to my current chubby, sea monster state)



I am actually 38 weeks now and still feeling great, and while I am so excited to meet our little lady three kids under the age of two sounds completely terrifying. I am not going to complain one bit about these last few days of being pregnant!!

And in case you are wondering (because what I eat and crave has got to be incredibly fascinating to everyone), I am still eating salads all day every day (give or take a slice of carrot cake here and there)!

photo 5Taco Salad

photo 1Asian tempur chicken salad

Hopefully I will have 1-2 more updates before this little lady makes her entrance into the world, and hopefully she is not comprised of leafy greens due to all of the salads I have consumed over the last 38 weeks!

Newborn Favorites

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was really rough unfortunately. Sloane, Christopher, and I are all sick. Charlie is probably next I assume. Sloane had a high fever (102+) most of the weekend off and on. It was NOT fun, but we survived.


On an unrelated and hopefully happier note, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my newborn favorites. Keep in mind I have never actually brought a newborn home before, but I am no spring chicken this round! When Charlie and Sloane came home they were 9-10 weeks old. I did, however, use most of these items in the NICU and once they came home, and I definitely figured out that all baby items are NOT created equally!

When the twins were young I tried lots of different pajamas for them – in various price ranges. Polarn O. Pyret definitely makes some of of my favorites. I still have all of the onesies and pajamas for them that I am able to use for the new baby on the way. I can’t say the same for the less expensive ones I purchased! Also, their socks are my absolute favorite; I purchased a pack of Gerber socks for the twins and ended up throwing them out. They did not stay on and pilled immediately. Again, I have all of PO.P socks in perfect condition to use for our new baby.


Diapers :: Clothing c/0 Polarn O. Pyret :: Blanket :: Diaper Cream :: Cold cream :: Milestone Baby Cards :: Mittens

I know all babies are different when it comes to diaper creams, but this has been my favorite of all the ones we have tried. It works very quickly. I also had to pick up the cute Milestone baby cards shown above. WIth Charlie and Sloane I SORT OF journaled, sort of blogged, and mostly just instagrammed the heck out of their milestones. Most parents say that the second child (in our case third) often gets less attention and fewer photos, etc. I thought these would be a fun way to force me to keep track of milestones- assuming I remember to fill them out!

What are some of your newborn favorites?!

Father’s Day Tea Party

I know, I know, Father’s day was almost a month ago. That’s just how we roll around here. On Father’s Day Charlie and Sloane decided to surprise their dad with the gift of waking up around 6:15 with a LOT of energy. We had both just come off really long weeks with late nights at work/the library, so we promised ourselves we would play outside with the twins as much as possible over the weekend. That included a little tea party on Father’s Day morning.








It was all fun and games until Charlie stepped in a rogue pile of poo that we missed! All in all, it was a great Father’s day. We simply do not know what we would do without our Daddy Boy!

Craving Salads: all day every day

I realized that my blog is essentially on life support; I have about ten posts sitting in my draft file- including our Father’s day, Mother’s Day, several pregnancy updates. I am trying to actually finish writing a few of them before I lose all energy and turn into the Michelin tire man for the last few weeks of this pregnancy. This is one that I started several weeks ago. It’s no secret that I have been eating salads non-stop during this pregnancy. Other than breakfast I really would be totally fine eating salads for every meal. Granted, there may be times where I want to include Cheetos or chicken tenders on said salads…

I love to bake and cook, but I am not claiming to be great at it. In fact, if you ask my husband, he will tell you that I am the worst scrambled-egg maker to ever walk this earth; he claims they taste like fish! It’s true. How one is capabale of screwing up scrambled eggs still baffles me, but I somehow manage to do so quite effectively. Anyway, I am not as terrible at making other foods- thank goodness.

Here are a few of the salads I have been eating on repeat this pregnancy:

photo 1Grilled Romaine Salad: Sauteed onions with balsamic vinegar, bleu cheese (*I know some people say this is a no-no during pregnancy; my doctor instructed me to use the kind that is made from pasteurized milk) over a VERY-lightly grilled, halved romain heart.

photo 2Grilled chicken, sliced apples, bleu cheese over the Costco kale salad mix with oil and balsalmic vinegar. *If you have not tried the kale mix from Costco, run. It’s worth the membership. I have dreams about the stuff, but I HATE the dressing it comes with.

 photo 3Filet, grilled onions (deglazed the pan with balsalmic vinegar), bleu cheese, Costco kale mix

  photo 4Rotisserie Chicken, Strawberries, Blueberries, Costco kale mix, Honey mustard dressing

photo 5My personal favorite and the one I have been eating the last 8 days straight (no joke): CPK’s bbq chicken chopped salad. You can find a good recipe here!

photo 7Grilled salmon, goat cheese, Costco kale mix, Balsalmic vinegar and oil as dressing

And now I am craving…. another salad! I jokingly refer to our unborn daughter as baby Salad. In all honesty she has no other name at this point, so it may just stick!

July 4th weekend,thoughts on 29, and the Bar exam!

I can’t believe the Fourth of July holiday is already over! It’s one of my most favorite holidays. July 4th was my due date, so I grew up choosing to believe that all of the fireworks were just an early celebration for me… kidding, kind of.  I basically start celebrating my birthday around July 3rd all the way through July 6th; it’s really worked out quite well so far. In all seriousness it was so nice to have a four-day weekend. This summer has been a little rough, but in a few short weeks once the bar exam is over we can have a little bit of normalcy before baby #3 arrives and really shakes things up!  Agenda items will include: setting up the nursery (we have done absolutely nothing so far!), trips to the pool and zoo, and taking several deep breaths!

photo 8

I made cupcakes for Charlie and Sloane to have after their nap. I expected these to be a big hit, but they actually cried hysterically when I gave them each one. I was raised to never cry over cupcakes- or any dessert for that matter, but apparently the twins have not yet figured that out.

photo 21

After the cupcake fail the twins and I spent the afternoon at the splash park. Sloane spent over an hour collecting and emptying stones in and out of her sand bucket. Meanwhile, Charlie chased me from fountain to fountain trying to splash me with water.

photo 22

We did not actually make it to any fireworks on Friday. It sounded fun in theory, but Christopher thought better of it (smart man!). We opted for a babysitter instead and went out to dinner with my brother-in-law and his fiance who were in town. Whoever thought of babysitters is a genius. We have used one three times in the last few weeks- all during Charlie and Sloane’s naptime or after bedtime. Date nights and time for errands?! Yes, please!


Decal via Olive and Birdie

On Saturday we went to Taste of Indy. I was a little nervous that it would end in sweaty tears, but we had a blast. There was a live band in a big open area, and the twins danced their hearts out and had their first shave ice.

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

We finished off the weekend by celebrating my 29th birthday! I know 29 is a big year for some people- the last year of youth as some see it. Maybe I will feel that way on the night before I turn 30, but it’s not really something I have given much thought to yet. I am so happy with the life I have lived up to this point and the people I have shared it with. 29, 34, 76…. as long as I am having fun (and still allowed to wear sequins and tulle skirts whenever I please), I am happy to blow out more and more candles each year and consume unhealthy amounts of cake!

photo 5

I hope you had a great weekend! The countdown to the bar exam is ON!

Happy Summer!

Happy first day of Summer! This summer is particularly exciting and bittersweet for me. It will be our last summer as a family of four, and while I am obviously SO excited to meet our little girl, I want to enjoy these next three months as much as possible! Between being pregnant and our little lady being due the first day of Fall, having a husband studying for the bar exam, and work being a little crazy lately, it’s easy to just want to spend the weekend doing absolutely nothing. Christopher and I agreed, however, that we would make sure Charlie and Sloane have no idea how hectic things are right now. They probably would never notice (or remember) in reality, but it makes us feel better knowing that we plan to make as many trips to the pool and splash park as possible!

photo 4

I ordered these cute (read: slightly tacky) flamingos from amazon thinking that the twins would love them, and selfishly I wanted a photo of them with their flamingo shorts/bloomers. Sloane was more interested in trying to eat dirt….

photo 3

…and Charlie just wanted to rip them apart, of course.

photo 2

photo 1

photo 5

On a side note, I think perfectly mulched beds are a thing of the past for us. Charlie and Sloane LOVE to kick and throw handfuls of mulch onto the patio. At least Charlie offers to “mow” the flower beds afterward.

Happy Summer, friends!


The Kimono trend

Is anyone else loving the kimono trend lately?! Maybe it’s because my body is literally growing and expanding each week that flowy, silky clothes are the next best thing to be naked. TMI? Perhaps, but between having to try and dress appropriately at work and it being a hot summer, I have been on the hunt for cute, comfortable options that I can still wear after the baby is born. Here are a few of the ones I have either already ordered or hope to soon!


1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6

Nursery Planning, round 2

Does it seem like deja vu to anyone else that I am putting together a nursery board again!? This time around seems a little easier because I am not trying to make this room work for boy boys and girls, but I am struggling with the crib situation. The twins will not be out of their cribs by the time #3 arrives. We also had planned to use the toddler rails for awhile to get the most use out of the cribs as possible; this all makes sense- except for having to buy a third crib. One thought I have is to just use a pack and play with a bassinet for a few months. I have also considered purchasing a mini crib until the twins transition out of their cribs and into regular beds. I would welcome any thoughts and suggestions!


Art :: Deer Head :: Light :: Basket :: Crib :: Rug :: Curtains

This nursery board just represents some of the ideas I have in mind. Similar to my approach with the twins’ nursery, I would prefer to invest in furniture and decor (except for the crib) that can work in many rooms of the house and do not feel too baby-ish. It’s just my personal preference, but I would rather spend money on things that can transition to other rooms as our children grow! Really I should probably stop putting together silly design boards and start actually clearing out our spare bedroom and begging Mr. Frankel to start painting!





17 + 18 weeks pregnant

True to form, I am weeks behind on my weekly posts! Currently I am 20.5 weeks pregnant, but who is counting….

I have to say I was pretty excited about the weekly fruit/veggie size comparison at first, but things are just getting weird.  There is no consistency depending on the app/website I check as to what size the baby is, and some of the fruits are hard to find. Case in point: week 17 is supposed to be a dragon fruit. Now I will admit I am from the Midwest and have not travelled all around the country studying vegetation, but I have never even heard of a dragon fruit. SO… I did the next best thing- post a picture with a toy “dragon” (i.e. dinosaur) that I keep in my closet for decoration. If you did not already think I was a strange bird, I assume I have solidified that officially now.

photo 1

photo 2

As I have mentioned previously, this pregnancy is SO easy! The only part of it that is even slightly compolicated is just the fact that we have 17-month old babies. They wear me out! Other than that, I have no complaints.

More importantly than the photos of me awkwardly holding dragons and peppers, I am SO excited to announce that we are having another GIRL. I am not sure that Sloane feels the same way, but hopefully she comes around!

photo 3

photo 4

I hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day!


Easter 2014

It does not seem possible that tomorrow marks the start of May; our time as a family of four is quickly coming to an end!

We had a great Easter this year and were so happy to spend the day with family. Charlie and Sloane loved their Easter baskets, which contained snack containers filled with animal cookies. They were distracted enough that they even let me put bunny ears on them and sat still long enough for a photo.

I had high hopes of doing an Easter egg hunt at my parents’ house. I even found and painted some jumbo Easter eggs for them to try to keep them engaged in the eggs (and to keep them from eating mulch). It ended up being too wet to spend much time in the grass, but Charlie and Sloane ended up having a great time playing with dog food and watching me blow bubbles on the back patio instead.

photo 1

photo 2




I would just like to note that the minute we arrived at my parents’ house Sloane was ready to jump out of my arms and explore. Charlie, on the other hand basically had a meltdown and insisted on me holding him the entire time. While I do not want him to suffer from a paralyzing fear of everyone forever, I do really, really love the fact that he only wants me for right now.

I hope you all had a great time with family and friends as well!